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Palatinus Zoltán


Clients feedback

Zoli is not only a coach who’s holding a mirror in order to promote individual development, but he’s also giving credible and useful advice. He does it with extraordinary professionalism and empathy, knowing exactly when to be ruthlessly honest and when you need support and help. Our work together has helped greatly to develop my human relationships through a better understanding of myself and also helped me to be a more credible leader. I see in him, a man who does coaching not only as a job, but as a profession.

Németh Zoltán
Schneider Electric (senior manager) Energy Prodax Plant Manager

For the past three years Zoltan has held several trainings for the employees of our plant, from management level to ’reach the sky’ level. We were satisfied with his work and his attitude at all time, thus significantly contributed to the succesful operation of the company. He’s a popular and beloved trainer among our employees. Our employees find the training to be useful, interesting and varied based on the feedback. He is creative, and has a serious expectation towards himself on professional line. Effectively, it is easy to work together with Zoltan.

Biro Agota
HR manager
MAV Vasjarmu Kft.

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