Managerial coaching

Organizational Psychology Researches shows that managers who are involved in personal coaching, are materially more successful, balanced and conscious than those who did not take time and resources to do so.

This is due to:

- The manager can easily becoming isolated, since he’s responsible for people and he can’t show the weak side of his personality in his relationships.

- He gets lack of feedback from his environment and therefore he is not able to spot the false but completely routine operations and decisions about himself.

We aren’t able to see the individual and our own organization’s problems from the inside anyway, because we are involved in these problems(we are associated). The fundamental added value of an external consultant is to see the situation from the outside.

"Az az üzletember aki nem szán pénzt és időt a saját fejlesztésére, olyan mint a földműves aki nem szán pénzt és időt vetőmag, eszközök, és növénytápok beszerzeésére, csak aratni akar." (Dr. Henry Cloud PHD)

In our individual coaching programs we’re helping managers with the methods of modern applied psychology and organizational/business psychology to achieve the targeted individual and organizational success. (Existential psychology, personality limitations, inner child, imaginative and meditation techniques)

Clients feedback

Palatinus Zoltan is a great coach and psychologist, so he can ‘see through’ the man. Fortunately, each week we are lucky enough to listen to his clever thoughts (at least 30 of us without a sound coming out), from which we have profited already in the long run for both our shop and our private lives.

Turcsanyi Andrea
TWINS Travel

If you would like to develop your leadership at work while you intend to make your everydays and private life more efficient and effective, than you are in the right place! I get accurate but also energetic, honest, personalized and constructive coaching from Zoli so I bravely recommend him to everyone!

Hans Gyorgy

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