Individual counselling

All of us have fixed behavioral and thought patterns. On the one hand these patterns help us to become successful, but on the other hand they create our problems and obstacles. Some people wish to improve their love or family relationship, or probably, they would like to find a partner. There are also some people who would like to find their life goals. Others would like to lose weight and lead a healthy way of life. People also seek balance or simply wish to be happy and successful in their lives.

However, in some aspects of our life most of us run into obstacles. We want to step forward, but we do not know how. We can see the symptom while we cannot see the reason that causes it.

Why is it so? Unfortunately, it is because we are part of the problem. It is in us, it is part of our personality. It cannot be seen from your own perspective, hence you cannot solve it on your own.

We are emotionally concerned by certain situations, relationships with people taking part in our lives and often by our desires and needs. This can result in a particular perception of reality linked to these emotions and desires. Consequently, we may live and believe in a kind of reality that only exists in our mind, and when we decide according to this reality, we inevitably get into a dead end.

How can I help you as an expert? I can externally view the problems and by building on the recognized reality, we can find the best solution together with my client for him or her. I am grateful because I can feel day by day what my clients frequently notes: after many years in individual therapy, my experience, understanding and knowledge provide me with a firm background for psychological assistance.

Clients feedback

I would like to give feedback on our second training! Students unanimously enjoyed the training because they think it was more personal and more practical than the first one and they considered it useful and very interesting! They would like to continue on this image with many many practical examples!

Pall Monika
Regular fundraising leader
UNICEF Hungary

I would like to attend more of these trainings! Personally I asked for help and got it from the trainers. They were able, kind and sympathetic to me.

Kiraly Judit
Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg Megyei Gyermekvedelmi Kozpont Tiszadob
Problemafeldolgozo trening neveloknek es pszihologusoknak

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