Organizational Development

The organization is a group of employees who are related to each other towards a common goal, are capable to work together as a team, creatively, motivationally and effectively.

We believe that the organizational success always precedes the success of the market.

According to recent surveys companies throughout the world are losing profits and spending millions of euro unnecessarily , because they employ inappropriate employees in absence of a good recruitment policy.

The low motivation, the internal conflicts, the stress and lack of creativity can also cause more significant outage of revenue. These problems can often be solved with the improvement of managerial behavior as well as organizational behavior and organizational culture.

Our activities aim to support the creation of an organizational culture that meets the above criteria.


- assessment and development of recruitment processes

- organization analysis, diagnosis

- creation of mission and vision

- developing organizational structure (jobs, tasks,  skills, decision making skills and preoccupation of expectations)

- Overview of operational processes

- Motivational systems, performance evaluation

- Human development plan

- Individual development strategy

- Considering the managerial behavior and processes

- The design of the company’s operational funds for social and community (individuals and teams collaboration, internal communications to help people understand each other, supportive behavior, emotional intelligence, culture to support internal commitment, sharing goals and visions, support of creativity)

- The creation of Non-material terms of the motivation (trust, attachment, importance of consciousness…)

- Determination of coaching and training programs needed to support the development

Clients feedback

With Zoltan the work is constructive and effective! Beyond the problems of organizational structure he’s also helping CEOs to solve the occurring complex problems caused by the constant overwork, by modifying the approach of management. He has multiple complementary qualifications and the ‘real life’ experiences obtained at other companies which make him a very credible adviser in his role. At the end of the gruelling work together there are always issues that have emerged or new ideas, that makes it all worth it after all.

Pintér Gábor
CEO, owner
Ventil Épületgépészeti Kft.

If you would like to develop your leadership at work while you intend to make your everydays and private life more efficient and effective, than you are in the right place! I get accurate but also energetic, honest, personalized and constructive coaching from Zoli so I bravely recommend him to everyone!

Hans Gyorgy

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