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Clients feedback

I would like to give feedback on our second training! Students unanimously enjoyed the training because they think it was more personal and more practical than the first one and they considered it useful and very interesting! They would like to continue on this image with many many practical examples!

Pall Monika
Regular fundraising leader
UNICEF Hungary

Zoli is not only a coach who’s holding a mirror in order to promote individual development, but he’s also giving credible and useful advice. He does it with extraordinary professionalism and empathy, knowing exactly when to be ruthlessly honest and when you need support and help. Our work together has helped greatly to develop my human relationships through a better understanding of myself and also helped me to be a more credible leader. I see in him, a man who does coaching not only as a job, but as a profession.

Németh Zoltán
Schneider Electric (senior manager) Energy Prodax Plant Manager

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