Personality tests


The purpose of using personality tests are to exclude the possibility of sympathy biases during the recruitment. We consider a Sympathy bias when a candidate can effectively highlight his/her positive personal qualities while hiding the negative ones. In this case, it does not make clear that the candidates hidden weaknesses may make him inappropriate to successfully fill the position.

The tests are able to bring the weaknesses clearly to surface in addition to exploring the strengths, and based on that, it is also showing if the applicants are suggested for the examined work position .

The test are built with a large number of validated comparisons and hidden psychological anomalies that measures any occurring distortions.The tests are arranged in such a way that a candidate can not predict the intended outcome, and it is known if the applicant has manipulated the est; Even this can be used to assess the suitability of the candidate.

Supporting development

With completing personality tests we can expand the instruments of getting to know our self.

Because of the accuracy and reliability of this tests, companies are widely applying them to support the employees and managers in their coaching and training development. The advantage of it, is that the coach, trainer sees the areas that needs to be improved more clearly and are able to better prepare  a compilation of the development programs.

Support for Organizational Development

Personality tests have been successfully used to detect errors in business processes, to develop motivation systems, to convert, to achieve improvements in workplace safety (ex. shoplifting case of staff turnover) and by completing it, the teamwork and effectiveness of a working group can be strengthened. 

Clients feedback

If you would like to develop your leadership at work while you intend to make your everydays and private life more efficient and effective, than you are in the right place! I get accurate but also energetic, honest, personalized and constructive coaching from Zoli so I bravely recommend him to everyone!

Hans Gyorgy

I got into a personal coach training with many doubts. I didn’t have any experience in this process at all, but I was able to recognize that I will benefit from this in the future.
I had no regrets! We made a lot of unspoken, undefined thoughts clear. It makes a difference knowing that you are performing well on the job, not just feeling that you are!
I was completely satisfied with the personal training and this is why I had the courage to start my company’s organizational development project, which is still in progress to this day. I am excited about the outcome. Thank you for the fair and excellent job so far.

Ludányi János
Vital-Comp Ügyvitelszervező és Kereskedelmi Kft.
Executive director

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